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The details outlined in this book have allowed me to create an incredible lifestyle of freedom and creativity, but I’m not suggesting it’ll all happen overnight.
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  • How to run a successful artist business without selling out or doing it someone else’s way. Page 16.
  • Why intuition is one of your biggest success-building superpowers (and how to use it with precision)
    Page 22.
  • My proven formula to become a boss with your dosh - entrepreneur hacks to manage your business $$ (even if you’re an absolutely green beginner!)
    Page 33.
  • Industry secrets to get completely comfortable selling your work, without becoming a sleazy salesperson. Page 41.
  • ​Why going in the “opposite” direction to success will ACTUALLY make you more successful. Page 23.
You need to work with galleries to be successful, right?
Couldn't be more WRONG! Page 50.
  • How to smash through your limiting beliefs about 💰 and reach a whole new, empowered understanding of currency. Page 13.
  • The good habits that 6 figure artists are using NOW to set themselves up for success. Page 49.  
  • Say goodbye (👋🏼byee bitch) to your glass ceiling
    Page 27.
  • The counterintuitive magic of wardrobe trickery, and how you can use it to be more successful. Page 29.  
  • The one, proven way to make consistent money as an artist, even without making any art. Page 66.
The workaround that millionaires are using to build wealth (and how you can do it too, as an artist) Page 43.
  • How to eliminate negative self-talk and overcome your fears of success. Page 25.   
  • Full permission to go where no one else has been and carve your own path. Page 38.
  • The counterintuitive hack to make big $$ EVEN with a small social media following. Page 51.
  • Fool-proof approach to growing your following, regardless of social media algorithms. Page 55.
  • ​The truth about working as a successful artist in 2021. Page 46.
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